How to Display Embroidery Hoops

People often come to me saying they love my pieces but don't know what to do with them. Embroidery hoops are wall decor - similar to prints or artwork that you hang on the wall - but you can display them and hang them in many different ways.

Here's 6 different ways to display your Stitch Ambition embroidery hoops. 

How to Display Embroidery Hoop Art

1. Prop on a shelf 

Simply prop your embroidery hoop on a shelf, leaning against the wall.

2. Prop against other frames/artwork 

You can also prop your embroidery hoop against other artwork or photo frames that you have - this makes for a really gorgeous layered texture, and adds depth to your room. 

3. Prop on a Mini Easel

Just like art canvases, embroidery hoops can also be propped on easels! These mini easels are so cute and mean that you can prop hoops on them and move them around as much as you like. You can buy these mini easels from my shop here, they are able to hold hoops of all sizes from 3" to 8". 

4. Hang with Ribbon or Twine

For a renting friendly alternative, hanging twine or ribbon from tape is the perfect option! Simply thread your twine, ribbon or string through the nail of the embroidery hoop, and secure to the wall using tape. You can also use command strips too!

5. Hang from a Nail 

The traditional way to display your embroidery art is by attaching a nail in the wall, and hanging the hoop on it via the hoop screw. 

6. Ask for Your Embroidery in a Frame!

You can also request for your hand embroidery art to be displayed in a photo frame rather than a hoop if you prefer - I offer them in a range of sizes in white, black and oak. Please email me at or message me on Instagram to arrange the frame!

There you have it - 6 ways to display your beautiful hand embroidery art. Shop all of my pieces here, or if you have any further questions please contact me as I am more than happy to help!

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