Stitch Ambition Joins Ecologi

This month Stitch Ambition became a member of Ecologi - helping the planet through business.

What is Ecologi?

Ecologi is a climate action platform that allows businesses to contribute to climate action. They help businesses to calculate their carbon footprint, and plant trees and fund carbon projects to reduce emissions and help the planet. Businesses can also fund community projects for people around the world in environments that are affected by climate change.

Ecologi has recently launched their new restoration project focusing on wildflower meadows. If you know me, you know that wildflowers and anything floral are something that I’m very passionate about - so of course I had to fund this too!

Sustainability at Stitch Ambition

Sustainability is one of my core values. As many of us are, I am planet conscious and aware that my actions have an impact on the planet, local communities, and ultimately the future for everyone that inhabits the earth.

It was a no brainer when signing up to Ecologi as it allows me to offset some of the carbon from the business, as well as fund projects and plant trees to help ecosystems and communities around the world.

See how many trees Stitch Ambition has planted below, or view our Ecologi profile here.

We plant trees with Ecologi
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